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Press Release July 20, 2023
Sight Sciences Announces Positive Results and Primary Endpoint Successfully Met in SAHARA, a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Comparing Interventional Eyelid Procedures Enabled by TearCare® Technology to Restasis¹ for the Treatment of Dry Eye
American Academy of Optometry, October 2022, San Diego, CA
TearCare® for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: A Single-Center Trial Measuring Durability of Treatment

Tom Chester, OD
Tanner Ferguson, MD
Emma Chester

Optometry and Vision Science
Author's Accepted Manuscript

Localized Heat Treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: A Single Center Retrospective Analysis of Efficacy over Time 

Tom Chester, OD
Tanner Ferguson, MD
Emma Chester

Cornea, September 2021
TearCare® for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction in Adult Patients With Dry Eye Disease: A Masked Randomized Controlled Trial

Preeya K. Gupta, MD
Edward J. Holland, MD
John Hovanesian, MD
Jennifer Loh, MD
Mitchell A. Jackson, MD
Paul M. Karpecki, OD
Kavita Dhamdhere, MD, PhD

Clinical Ophthalmology, August 2022
A Comparison of TearCare® and Lipiflow Systems in Reducing Dry Eye Disease Symptoms Associated with Meibomian Gland Disease

Edward J Holland, MD
Jennifer Loh, MD
Marc Bloomenstein, OD
Vance Thompson, MD
David Wirta, MD
Kavita Dhamdhere, MD, PHD

Clinical Ophthalmology, December 2020
A Prospective, Post-Market, Multicenter Trial (CHEETAH) Suggested TearCare® System as a Safe and Effective Blink-Assisted Eyelid Device for the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

Paul Karpecki, OD
David Wirta, MD
Smajo Osmanovic, MD
Kavita Dhamdhere, MD, PhD

Optometry and Vision Science, June 2021
A Single-center Retrospective Trial of a Blink-assisted Eyelid Device in Treating the Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye
Thomas Chester, OD
Clinical Ophthalmology, January 2019
TearCare® System Extension Study: Evaluation of the Safety, Effectiveness, and Durability Through 12 Months of a Second TearCare® Treatment on Subjects with Dry Eye Disease
David Badawi, MD
Clinical Ophthalmology, April 2018
A Novel System, TearCare®, for the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease
David Badawi, MD

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    Indications for Use: The TearCare® System is intended for the application of localized heat therapy in adult patients with evaporative dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), when used in conjunction with manual expression of the meibomian glands.
    he TearCare® System may not be right for everyone. Please see Instructions for Use or visit TearCare.com for Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions and Adverse Events.

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